08 Nov 2015

Don’t guard your ideas. Grow them.

A lot of people are convinced that ideas are everything. They believe that once you have a great idea, you’ve hit the jackpot, and you should guard that idea with your life in case some opportunist comes and steals it. However, the reality is that ideas are nothing, until they’re tangible and have become innovations that add value to people. So, if someone is going to steal your brilliant idea, they’re also going to have to work very hard in executing that idea to reap any returns from it. And believe you me; growing an idea is no child’s play.

My advice is this; don’t bother yourself trying to protect your idea, just worry about growing them, because while you’re busy spending money on patents, some whizzkid in Sillicon Valley has long thought of that idea, and is already on stage 1 of production. What you need to be doing is get yourself in the race, and pray that you launch yours first.

Another thing; don’t shun from telling people your idea. Ideas need a lot of input in order to be nurtured and shaped into even greater idea. Very much like a tiny seed which needs sufficient water, sunlight, and good soil to grow into a lush tree that provides shade for a traveler passing by, or you can liken  them to toddlers who need all the attention, love and support (along with discipline) if they’re to grow into responsible adults. Keeping your seed in the hand adds no value to the seed, you need to put it out there for growth.

With that said; here are a couple of steps to consider if you want to grow your idea:

First. Make sure the idea is unique.

Part of Growing an great idea is making it great. You need to craft your ideas and see if there aren’t any cracks in them. Do your research and find a way to make it better and different from what anybody has out there. Once you’re satisfied that your idea has that unique element that makes it “great”, then you’re ready to move to the important part.

Talk about it.

Sharing your ideas allows others to shape your idea and give you valuable input. Yes, you may get criticism, and your ego may get bruised a bit, but sharing is necessary; you need every ounce of feedback—it’s part of the process. In addition, ask the people who are most likely to consume your product or service idea, hear what they say. Sharing your idea with people enable you to refine it and make it better.

Now make it happen.

As mentioned, ideas are nothing until they are tangible. Without execution there is no idea. That is why it’s not possible for anyone to just steal an idea. The hard part is in executing it. So, get your hands dirty, put ink to paper, write the idea down, sketch your prototype, approach an investor. If it’s an idea for a book, what are you waiting for, write the darn thing. Time waits for no man, or woman.

So there you have it. I hope this is enough to spark some fire, so you can start moving. And remember…

The one who comes up with the idea first, is not as important as the one who executes it first. 

Therefore don’t remain stagnant in fear of someone stealing your idea, talk to people, grow your idea, seize the day. Wealth begins now.

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