30 Jan 2020

2020 Marketing Trends businesses should look out for.

The beginning of the New Year is often a time for companies to reflect on the previous year and evaluate what worked and what did not; as well as, assess which areas need to be  improved . It is vital  that these are considered when developing a company strategy for the new year. It is essential  to have the worldview in mind when looking at the new year and the trends that come with it.

We are about keeping our fingers on the pulse, so these are some interesting insights that have contributed to our 2020 vision:

What is a company without good company?

An  central resource that most, if  not all companies have, is its workforce.  Employees need to be satisfied in the workplace, so that they heed positive results in the quality of work produced. Employee wellbeing is something that a lot of companies need to take seriously as there are mental illnesses that come with a toxic workplace which  does not consider the interests of their employees.

Working remotely and in comfort

There will be an increase in employees being able to work remotely, or from home as it has proved to be more productive. This will cut down on expenses for employees to commute and also allows for one to work in a relaxed environment.

Artificial Intelligence to make business more effective and efficient in the long run

 The innovative and advanced developments of Artificial Intelligence (AI) will enable businesses to understand what consumers’ want and need better, as it is effective in behavioral targeting. This will give us more consumer insight. Many businesses are resorting to Artificial Intelligence to gain leverage over competitors,   pursue new business opportunities and increase competition thereof.

Customer service all day, everyday

Due to technological advances where AI is concerned, customer service is now available 24 hours, 7 days a week. We can thank  chatbots for this. The technology used to engage customers is natural language processing where the response is encoded by the decoded customers request for assistance or information.

Remote Meetings

Due to an increase of youngsters entering the workplace and an increase in technological advances – brick and mortar meeting rooms will soon be something of the past. It will be quicker, easier and more accessible to conduct meetings in this manner.

Tailor-made offerings

Generic product offerings are not what work for everyone; there has been a need for customised product and service offerings, unique to consumers and clients. Every client or/and consumer has their own unique problems… and businesses are in existence to solve those problems. It is important to understand that unique problems require unique tailor-made solutions.

We can look forward to more upcoming marketing trends to come: seamless and faster internet experience; there will also be a trend to study further, develop skills, and frequent career changes as a way to gain knowledge and expertise from various industries.  In the present business culture, it is considered an advantage to know more because one becomes an asset to the company with the skill set and experience.

Petal Theory is in the business of solving problems through digital marketing solutions, and with that being our business purpose we will continue to keep our fingers on the pulse in light of new developments, advances and trends.

by Mosa Ramosa
Marketing & Client Services Manager


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