03 Feb 2021

Content Marketing 101

While the concept itself has been around forever, there still seems to be some misconceptions about what content marketing actually is and whether or not it is as effective as it’s been made out to be

So what is content marketing?

The simplest way to describe content marketing is that it is the educational or informative aspect of your marketing centered around your audience and what they want, more than advertising your products or services. This blog post for example, is a piece of Felicity and Co.’s content marketing. Other examples would include articles, podcasts, newsletters and even our very own home page video. It’s about engaging the audience and what they care about. Creating a stronger sense of what makes your business or brand more valuable to your audience without explicitly selling you products or services.

So the next obvious question then becomes; is content marketing right for you and your business?

Content marketing, when done right, is an extremely effective way to connect with your audience. But it is not something to adopt as a part of your overall marketing strategy “just because.” It does take a lot of work, requires a high level of consistency as well as patience. So unless you do have the time and resources, it may not be the best move for you. But if you are looking to be more deliberate in boosting your online presence and visibility, then content marketing is definitely worth the time and effort. Bearing in mind that your content is only as valuable as its ability to turn results. So as intentional as you may be in pursuing content marketing, be sure that the content you’re creating does your business and brand justice.

This article is written by Feliciy & Co.


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