Author: MF PeTje

13 Dec 2022

The importance of convergent thinking

Convergent thinking is a term used to describe the mental process of narrowing down a wide range of ideas or possibilities to find a single solution or answer. This type of thinking is often contrasted with divergent thinking, which involves generating many different ideas or solutions to a problem. While both convergent and divergent thinking […]

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03 Feb 2021

Content Marketing 101

While the concept itself has been around forever, there still seems to be some misconceptions about what content marketing actually is and whether or not it is as effective as it’s been made out to be So what is content marketing? The simplest way to describe content marketing is that it is the educational or […]

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07 Feb 2020

Additional​ Marketing Trends to look out for in 2020

This year, the key will be for brands to find a balance between private and public. In 2019, Mark Zuckerburg announced that his vision is to unify Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp as consumers demand more intimate social experiences. Though the future looks private, the public feed will not be left behind. The rise of Tik […]

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30 Jan 2020

2020 Marketing Trends businesses should look out for.

The beginning of the New Year is often a time for companies to reflect on the previous year and evaluate what worked and what did not; as well as, assess which areas need to be  improved . It is vital  that these are considered when developing a company strategy for the new year. It is […]

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08 Nov 2015

Don’t guard your ideas. Grow them.

A lot of people are convinced that ideas are everything. They believe that once you have a great idea, you’ve hit the jackpot, and you should guard that idea with your life in case some opportunist comes and steals it. However, the reality is that ideas are nothing, until they’re tangible and have become innovations that add […]

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