Creative Development


There are hundreds of digital agencies in South Africa that promise stunning and award-winning creative work. Many agencies, including ourselves, have a pool of talented Copywriters and Art Directors ready to crack any brief you send their way. However, what sets Petaltheory® apart from the rest is this:

“No matter how small or big the brief is, we don’t craft copy or lift our paint brushes until we have gained valuable insight into your consumer, and have developed a solid Creative Strategy that works.” — M F Petje

We are in the business of providing value for your brand. So, we don’t just create beautiful artwork, or brilliant copywriting for the sake of creativity. Our mantra is that everything has to conform to a bigger idea that has legs to carry your brand into the next decade and beyond. That is why we approach Copywriting and Art Direction differently, always doing it with a streak of unconventional strategy.