Creative Strategy


In this fast-paced and ever-changing marketing world, most folks are cutting corners when it comes to creating powerful advertising that does the job. Because of budget constraints and tight deadlines, some agencies – let alone clients – are neglecting one of the most important phases of marketing: The Creative Strategy.

The Creative Strategy is that un-noticed and often misunderstood phase which serves as a bridge between the marketing strategy and the creative work. It is the stage that precedes anything and everything creative. The Creative Strategy is the blueprint, the strategic approach, the creative foundation that acts as a guiding principle for the Creative Team to work their magic.

Designing a piece of creative collateral, or illustrating a principal identity, or even writing a string of catchy taglines, or perhaps developing a website, takes more than just pen-and-paper. It takes a big idea, and big ideas don’t just fall from a tree. You need a team of dedicated professionals to dig deep and mine something extraordinary. If you are reading this, you’ve found the right company to help.


We, as a strategic agency, take creative strategy to heart. The first thing we do, once we’ve received a brief, is to peel off every layer of your brand in order to assess those hidden attributes that make your business tick. We conduct proper research, we analyse the data, we assess your competition, and at times, we go into a deep hole to conjure up that unique proposition that sets you apart from the rest. We then wrap the strategy with a positioning statement, followed by a creative manifesto that leads to a concise and timeless payoff-line.

Once this process is complete, we hand over the masterpiece to the client, or, if you will, to our own creative team to start conceptualizing on an advert, a campaign, a logo, or anything creative.

We do this because we understand that introducing a brand into the world, or maintaining brand relevance in a cut-throat marketplace, is a tricky ordeal that requires a great sense of strategy. Without a solid direction, your communication will be rendered as nothing but a floating marketing attempt that lacks foundation. Creative Strategy is a must, if you truly mean business.