Art Direction


Art Direction and Graphic Design have become one of the most misunderstood professions in all of marketing. Most times clients perceive Art Direction or anything design-related as something that does not require much strategy or deep thinking.

The truth is that ‘Art’ in the digital marketing sphere can be likened to Mathematics. Its role is to solve complex digital problems with intelligent design that complements well-written copy.

For example; when designing an e-commerce website, deciding on one button-colour over the other can be a tipping point between the user clicking on the button, or switching off.

At Petaltheory®, Art Direction has one purpose and one purpose only, to convince the consumer to make a desired action — either by educating, entertaining, or edifying that consumer.

As a business, with a vision of helping other businesses connect better with their consumers, we have to think beyond the fluff. We don’t just pull up the canvas and start composing art. We have to ask ourselves a simple question: What’s the creative strategy; what’s the direction we should sail towards? Once we have the answer, we then splash the paint.

Our artistic approach won’t just make your brand look pretty and dainty. Our aim, as always, is to convey your brand’s core values through smart and well-conceptualised design. There’s more to Art than meets the eye, that’s why we offer various types of design services:

  • Digital Art Direction
  • User Experience (UX) Design
  • User Interface (UI) Design
  • After Effects Animations
Art Direction
Motion Design
UX Design