Social Media Analytics


The past decade has seen an unexpected and rapid shift of marketing landscapes across the globe. The game has changed dramatically.

Today, traditional mediums (such as television and radio) are slowly being replaced by the surge of social media channels. More over, marketing budgets are now, more than ever, being slashed equally between traditional and digital advertising.

With a single tweet or post, a user can damage your brand and cause a serious dent to your market share; and with a counter response, another user can propel your brand to new heights.

In such a reality, brands cannot afford the luxury of taking a back-seat when it comes to Social Media. Instead, each brand needs to monitor and track online sentiments surrounding their own brand. Such a move paves a way for a cohesive social dialogue between a brand and the general public (which now lives on the Internet).

“Shaping social media narratives as they happen is the biggest part of modern-day marketing.” — K R Petje


Our number-one job is to help your brand make insightful marketing decisions based on accurate and relevant Social Media data analytics.

Through the use of our powerful analytics software powered by BrandsEye™, we, as a business, are able to crawl the Internet in real-time, collect relevant location-based data (related to your brand), evaluate and verify the sentiments through real-life consultants, and finally, report back to you what is being said about your business — be it good or bad. As part of that report, we also insert actionable recommendations for your business, so you can make the right marketing decisions. Moreover, we can put together a well-informed creative brand strategy based on that deducted insight.


“What people say about your brand means everything. Today’s marketing favours the social and the ones who are not afraid to join tough conversations.” — K R Petje


Our simple steps.


  • We crawl and search for mentions around your brand-name, as well as selected key-words (such as hashtags).
  • We collect data and send it to real-life humans to evaluate and verify for accuracy.
  • We then take that data and visually bring it to life through infographics.
  • Lastly, we provide strategic recommendations as part of our overall report.