Motion Design


The pace at which technology is moving means that even the formats which brands use to communicate with consumers are rapidly changing. When Facebook was first launched everyone was excited about the possibility of posting their status as a way of sharing their mind with connected friends. It was only a matter of time before the same audience moved from status updates via texts, to updates via pictures, and finally via video.

Video and GIF Animations are now emerging as popular formats on most social media sites. The reason is simple, anything with movement is engaging, fun to watch, easy to digest, and makes for sharable content.  So why don’t more and more companies use motion in their collaterals? Well, most companies just don’t know where to get it done and what it takes to get it done.

At Petaltheory®, we are gearing ourselves up for the future by introducing Motion Design and GIF Animation as part of our service offering to brands, organizations and smaller agencies who may not have the expertise or capacity to develop such content for a social-media-savvy world.

We have built a team of strong motion designers and animators who are excited about curating new concepts through which to tell great brand stories.  Our motion design includes:

  • GIF Animation
  • CineGraph development
  • Video-Tutorial Animations
  • Logo Animation

And the list goes on…