Joe Bananas is a high-quality urban clothing brand, birthed and bred in the city of Joburg. The brand draws its inspiration from the city streets, its skyscrapers, jostling traffic and vibrant people with all their hopes, uncertainties, mysteries and memories that make Joburg a great city.

When JoeBananas needed to market one of its flagship brands [JHB™], they commissioned us to develop a marketing concept that can help their brand tap into the psyche of the Joburg urban youth. Through poetic writing and symbolic imagery, we spoke to the heart of the streets. We helped the brand connect with the youth through urban-youth language.

As deliverables, we developed a video commercial that answered a simple brief:  Create an ad that shares how the people feel about Joburg and not just an ad about a t-shirt. The advert was hailed on 10and5.com , as well as the several posters that reinforced the tone and the message we conveyed— you’ve gotta love JHB.